Seminars - Courses

We offer intensive and personalized training in:

  • The Dorn Method (Basic and Advanced workshops for therapists, doctors and Lay-people)

  • Breuss Massage (Usually as complement during a Dorn Seminar)

  • The 5 Tibetan Rites (Yoga related dynamic breathing and stretching exercises)

  • Reiki (All Levels up to Teacher)

  • Hiyang Healing (Filipino Spititual Healing Techniques)

  • MNSRT (Myo-Neuro-Structural-Rebalancing-Therapy, A unique approach developed by myself)

I give workshops in the above disciplines for groups from 2 to max. 30 persons.

Workshops / Training is conducted at the place of your choice (worldwide) or at venues and schedules already arranged. » check for seminars

All courses are practical workshops with plenty of hands on work and will enable the student to work with the newly aquired skills straight away.

All theoretical knowledge is taught in a personal relaxed and easy to understand way yet it is packed with sound scientific but new information that you can hardly find anywhere else...

» Please contact me for details on courses



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